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James T. Gerrish II

Raised an "Air Force brat", I lived in lots of locations until settling in Albuquerque, NM when dad retired from the military. Artistic and musical since day one, I also acquired a lifelong fascination with aerospace, science and technology. Naturally, I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. Then reality intervened...

After attempting a degree in engineering, I soon discovered my talents were more in design & art than in calculus and chemistry. Fortunately, a talented commercial artist, Harry Kallish, took me under his wing and tutored me in advertising art and design for two challenging and inspiring years. When he passed away and the lessons ended, I quickly found employment as a production artist for a small printing company.

Over the years, I've developed my design and illustration skills in a progressive series of jobs, punctuated by design workshops and marketing seminars from time to time. After moving to South Texas in the late 1990's, I spent a few years being the art/production department for a small-town newspaper while pursuing freelance design jobs in my spare time. One of those freelance gigs led to a full-time position as Manager of Creative Marketing for Sierra Industries, a well-known business jet modification company with a worldwide clientele.

Recently, however, Sierra was acquired by a venture capital company and after 10 years of promoting the brand, I - along with most of the workforce - was laid off. Once again, I find myself seeking a full-time design/marketing position where I can utilize my talent and experience. I'm also available for freelance design and illustration projects.

Whether you need to appeal to everyday people or to high-net-worth individuals who like to fly their own jets, let me show you some ideas.




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